Women’s Conversation Club

The Many Voices Women’s Group is an evolution of our Many Voices work with young EAL speakers.

We work with newly arrived women from a range of countries to build language, independence and employability skills, and aid integration into British life and culture, supporting participants to take positive steps towards starting a new life in the UK.

Many of the women taking part are waiting for decisions on their refugee status; they are keen to work and achieve the independence this will grant them. Through this programme we mitigate the feelings of frustration and isolation newly arrived women can feel as friendships are formed, as well as building up their toolkit of skills and confidence to thrive once their refugee status is granted.

Sessions take place at Vestry Hall in Mitcham on a Thursday morning. Feel free to bring you toddlers and babies along, we have a creche!

Contact Attic to find out more.


Below is an example of some of the work we do. In Summer 2021 the group created a film focussing on love, friendship, happiness & hope. Through this film, members of the group reflect on things that have lifted their spirits during the pandemic, and share with viewers and each other important words & phrases from their own languages.