Piece of Work & Learning to Fly

Attic produced James’ shows Piece of Work and Learning to Fly where they both played to sell-out audiences at the 2022 and 2023 Edinburgh Fringe Festivals, and then toured throughout the UK. James’ one man storytelling tour visiting over 65 different venues including many rural venues as well as established venues such as Sheffield Theatres (Playhouse), Plymouth Theatre Royal (The Drum) and further afield to STET, The English Theatre in the Netherlands.


Attic’s was thrilled to support James in building his touring circuit and give dramaturgical and artistic support to the productions. Attic’s previous Artistic Director Jonny Humphreys directed the shows. James’ next show James Rowland Dies at the End of the Show is returning to Edinburgh Fringe Festival for 2024 and will tour in the autumn. To find out more see James’ Instagram page @JDSRowland. If you would like to book a show contact [email protected]


Piece of Work

James has been touring his storytelling theatre shows for half his adult life. This tour was different though. Returning home after his first stint away, he received a letter that exploded his life, and the tour became a search: for the person who sent it, for a sense of where he comes from, and to maybe save a life.

In Piece of Work James explores how the landscapes we exist within effect the way we think and feel; how searching for something is an end in itself, regardless of whether the search is successful. It’s about our sense of home, and the hope that makes our lives liveable.

Featuring James’ captivating mix of storytelling, music and comedy (as well as Shakespeare’s Hamlet) this show follows the critically acclaimed Learning to Fly which toured the UK following a sell-out run in Edinburgh. Hilarious and heart breaking this remarkable road trip will delight and surprise.


Learning to Fly

Learning to Fly sees James tell the story of a remarkable friendship he made when he was a lonely, unhappy teenager with the scary old lady who lived in the spooky house on his street.

It’s about connection, no matter what the obstacles; about love’s eternal struggle with time; about music and its ability to heal.

It’s also about her last wish: to get high once before she died.

Uplifting, big hearted and hilarious, this is James’s first new show since his acclaimed Songs of Friendship trilogy.