STEPS and Gamers

Gamers  – Creative Media students

Our weekly creative sessions with the students at Sutton and District Training give young neurodivergent people aged 16+ a safe and supportive space to explore their creativity and develop skills in communication, social interaction and employability.

This programme has been developed closely with participants, and has been specially designed to celebrate and encourage their skills, interests, and the things that make them who they are. Rather than simply using drama to teach neurodivergent young people how to perform in a neurotypical world, we work with them to discover their potential, grow their confidence, and look forward to their

At the end of the year, students come away having competed at least one extended project in an area of the creative industries that interests them most, and that they can choose to extend and pursue into their working lives, if they so wish.



As an extension of the Gamers group, the weekly creative sessions with the STEPS  group covers many of the same themes and objectives but is delivered to a group with more complex SEND needs.

Our facilitators work closely with the participants to discover their interests and hobbies, and use these to explore key learning objectives for the group, such as turn-taking, active listening, and appropriate/inappropriate language.

Games and creative activities make up the majority of these sessions, both providing an outlet for young people and supporting staff in delivering their curriculum goals.

Neurodivergent people are often misunderstood. We are working hard to try and address this. Here is a fantastic video explaining how autism can affect people.