Creative Arts Group (online)

UPDATE: Creative Arts Group continues to be run online. For more info contact Bryony at the office on 020 8640 6800 or email [email protected]

We are running a programme of workshops for young people to raise their aspirations and encourage creative thinking.

Many young people at this age are dealing with momentous changes in their lives, from embarking on a new school career, choosing GCSE’s, coping with adolescence -this can often seem overwhelming to some.

These sessions give an opportunity to take part in something creative, to express and articulate their ideas, explore issues they are dealing with and to boost their mental and emotional health and wellbeing.

The groups will work together on a project of their choice and will show their work at the end of the series to an invited audience of friends and family.

The sessions run on a Saturday morning during term time, led by our skilled practitioner Rachael Black who has a wealth of experience working creatively with young people to bring out and channel their imaginations and ideas.

The sessions are supported with funding from: